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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Health & Exercise

muscles below the rib cage

It's hard work to strengthen the abs, but I'm 'gonna' keep doin' the exercises until I see some good results.

Aloe Vera

Word List: Health & Exercise

a cactus plant with a gel that can be used for medicinal purposes

I used Aloe Vera on my sunburn, and it helped relieve the pain.

bench/bench press

Word List: Health & Exercise

an exercise for the upper body where you lie on your back and lift weights

Hey... How much can you bench?


Word List: Health & Exercise

a method for getting rid of the bad, unhealthy substances in your body

I try to do a major cleanse at least twice a year. I like juicing at the small restaurant in my local health food store.


Word List: Health & Exercise

cleaning out the bad, unhealthy toxins in your body

I felt really good after my detox just knowing that I got rid of those toxins!

drug (1)

Word List: Health & Exercise

a chemical substance in a pill, tablet, capsule, gel, liquid, or powder used to make positive biological changes in the body

Many people take pharmaceutical drugs that were prescribed by their doctors.


drug (2)

Word List: Health & Exercise

a harmful substance that can do damage to your body and in some cases can even cause death

Cocaine, heroin, and meth are all drugs that are very dangerous.

Gateway drugs

Word List: Health & Exercise

lighter drugs, such as tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana

Many young people don't realize that Gateway drugs can be harmful to their health.


Word List: Health & Exercise

another way to say strong arm muscles or biceps

Hey … show me those guns, will ya!

physically fit

Word List: Health & Exercise

being in a physical state that is ready for any kind of exercise

Joe is the most physically fit, so he will be representing us at the school marathon.