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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Yes


Word List: Yes

Are you going to the party?

absolutely, by all means, come on.. yes!, count me in, correct, damn right, definitely, heck yeah, I am, I believe so, I can't wait, I suppose, mmmm hmmm, no doubt, of course, oh God yes, that's for darn sure, uh.. yeah, without a doubt, yep, yes indeedy

alrighty then

Word List: Yes

Do you realize that you’ll need to take your shoes off in Maiko’s home?

alrighty then, for reals? got it, gotcha, I get it, I got it, I understand, I would assume so, it's all good, noted, really?, that’s fair, that's good, understood, 'ya gotta' do what 'ya gotta' do, yeah but still (I don't really want to), yes


Word List: Yes

I have another ticket to the concert if you want to come.

Bingo!  Boy, do I.  Geronimo!  Great!  Is that cool or what!  Is that right?   No way!  No way..Yes way!  Right on!  Shut up! (ok), That can happen. That's the ticket! Wow!  Yeah baby. Yes.. I’m honored. You hit it on the nose!


Word List: Yes

I have to bring my little sister, OK?

alrighty, been there, fair enough, fine, I don't see why not, I figured, I'm OK with that, K, okay okay, please do, so be it, swell, that's totally fine, very well, yeah, yes I hear 'ya'

I know what you mean

Word List: Yes

Doesn’t this place feel like we’ve been here before?

I know what you mean, I should say, I'll say, I’m with you, more or less, mmm humm, precisely, Sure.. let's go with that, that's for sure, 'ya' got that right!, yes.. exactly, whatever you say, you bet it does

I know, right?

Word List: Yes

This has been a tough week ...

Amen, Amen brother/sister, Amen to that, don't I know it, hasn't it?, I agree, I know, I know right?, I know.. my thoughts exactly, I should say, no kidding, no question, right?, see.. I told you, tell me about it, told you so, very, 'yeah' well, you’re right

I sure do

Word List: Yes

Do you mind if I smoke?

big time, I sure do, most definitely, yep, yes (I mind), yes I do

I will

Word List: Yes

Call me ...

as you wish, certainly, count me in, do so, gladly, I certainly will, I will, I’d be more than happy to, I’d love to, if you wish, if you’d like, kay-kay, of course, ok done!, okey-doke, okey-doke artichokey, roger, will do, yes.. I shall, yessery, you betcha

if need be

Word List: Yes

Will you help me?

by all means, if need be, I’m there, I/we will, no problem, no pro-blem-o, on it, whatever you want, you got it

love it

Word List: Yes

Do you like popcorn?

affirmative, Are you kidding.. yes!, Are you kidding me?, Are you serious.. yes!, for sure, I’ll say, thumb up, totally, yepper, yeppers, Yes, I love it! (Me two!) (Me three!)