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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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rain on my parade

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

destroy one’s excitement


Melinda:  Did you hear that Audrey found out about your presentation and decided to speak about the same topic?  

Bernadette:  I really don’t care. I’m not 'gonna' let anything rain on my parade!

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roll over in his/her grave

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

when you know that what you are doing or saying wouldn’t be liked by someone who has passed away (said lovingly)

I’m sure my grandma rolled over in her grave when I didn’t clean up my huge mess in the kitchen until the next day.

saved by the bell

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

when a bell rings just in time to prevent you from doing what you were just about to do

It was my turn to give a speech, but I was saved by the bell.  It was time to go to my next class.

set in one's ways

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

not wanting to change much of anything about yourself

My dad is so set in his ways.  He’s had the same hairstyle since I was a kid.

shop 'til 'ya' drop/shop until you drop

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

looking for and buying things until you are so tired that you can’t shop anymore

When my friend visits, we always go to the mall and shop ‘til we drop.  It's always fun.

short end of the stick

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

worst deal

Our boss assigned the staff with various responsibilities.  I'm supposed to write all the new policies ... In my opinion, I got the short end of the stick.

slip of the tongue

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

a speech mistake that usually turns out to be funny

I was watching the news yesterday when the reporter said, “The International Peace organization recently voted on a new revolution.”  I’m sure he meant ‘resolution.’  It was 'kinda' funny.

smile from ear to ear

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

showing your extreme happiness with a huge smile


Beth:  Why is your daughter smiling from ear to ear?  

Carol:  Her boyfriend just asked her to marry him.  I'm excited, too!

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so far so good

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

all is OK up to this point

So far so good.  We're completing the work for all of our deadlines on time.

somebody's 'gotta' do it

Word List: Common Expressions R-Z

having to take care of things that we don’t necessarily want to do


Ernie:  Right now, no one is volunteering to stay after our class party to clean up.

Mitch:  Well somebody’s 'gotta' do it.

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