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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: God-Related -- Bless

a ceremonial act performed by a religious leader to extend God’s goodwill (and) wishing goodwill to someone or something

This weekend there will be a ceremony to bless our baby; it’ll be at the church.  Can you join us?

bless you/God bless you

Word List: God-Related -- Bless

politely said after someone sneezes (or) said to give thanks to others

God bless you!  You really helped me through this difficult time.


Suzy:  'achoo'!  

Fanny:  Bless you!

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bless your heart (bless someone's heart)

Word List: God-Related -- Bless

a saying used to tell someone that you like and appreciate what s/he has done

Bless your heart.  You're always so kind to me.


Word List: God-Related -- Bless

lucky in a spiritual way


Maria:  I'm so blessed to have a husband and two beautiful children.  

Bradley:  Amen!

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Word List: God-Related -- Bless

something good that comes from God

It is a blessing that I have three beautiful children.

blessing and a curse

Word List: God-Related -- Bless

a good thing and a bad thing at the same time

Being really tall is both a blessing and a curse.