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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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1- Sunday driver

Word List: Driving in the USA

someone who drives slowly on any day of the week -- called Sunday drivers because on Sunday people tend to be more relaxed and drive more slowly

That lady ahead of us seems to be a Sunday driver. We’re all drivin' the speed limit, but she’s driving way too slow.

a lemon

Word List: Driving in the USA

a car that was bought from a dealership that has lots of problems

I'm so mad! The car I bought from the dealership turned out to be a lemon.

Amber Alert

Word List: Driving in the USA

being informed publicly on a freeway sign or via text that a child has been illegally taken from his/her family -- oftentimes by one of the parents

Because of the recent Amber Alert and so many responses from the public, the child was quickly found and was returned to his home.


Word List: Driving in the USA

a vehicle that rushes someone who has been injured to an emergency room at a hospital

When you hear the sound of an ambulance, as soon as you can, pull over to the side of the road until it’s clear.


Word List: Driving in the USA

a car with no manual gears or shifting

My car's an automatic.  What's yours?

black & white (3)

Word List: Driving in the USA

a police car

Here comes a black & white.  You'd better slow down a little.

blowout/tire blowout

Word List: Driving in the USA

instant loss of air in a tire that could cause the car to go out of control

Recently I had a blowout, but I was able to carefully pull off the road safely. Then I changed the tire, and I was good to go.


Word List: Driving in the USA

when traffic is congested in one area, usually at a merge of streets or on highways and freeways

There’s nothing worse than a bottleneck when you’re trying to get somewhere on time.

buckle up/fasten your seat belt

Word List: Driving in the USA

put your seat belt on before anyone drives the car

Buckle up everybody, I’m not takin’ off until you all have your seat belts fastened.

car parts

Word List: Driving in the USA

a general name for the pieces that are used to build a car

It’s easy to find a car part store in most cities.