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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Entertainment

Academy Awards (The Oscars)

Word List: Entertainment

an annual awards ceremony where actors are honored for excellent achievements in motion pictures and in other categories

I always look forward to watching the Academy Awards, especially to find out about the winners.

beer pong

Word List: Entertainment

a game played at parties mostly by college students

Will there be beer pong at the party?  I hope so!

Big Bang Theory

Word List: Entertainment

a scientific idea about how the universe was created (currently the name of a TV program)

The Big Bang Theory is the most common scientific theory of how the world came to be.

blast/a blast

Word List: Entertainment

a whole lot of fun

We sure had a blast at your wedding reception!


Word List: Entertainment

when a famous person makes a surprise appearance in a movie or TV show

Jackie Chan recently made a cameo appearance in a popular television program.

chick flick

Word List: Entertainment

a movie that is more for girls than boys, although guys may go see it, too

My boyfriend likes going to chick flicks with me.  Not all guys will do that.


Word List: Entertainment

an alcoholic drink that also has at least one other non-alcoholic ingredient that is often flavored or sweetened

I enjoy having a cocktail before dinner when I go out with my friends.

comic book

Word List: Entertainment

a thin paperback booklet of stories about the adventures of funny characters and/or superheroes

Superman has always been my favorite comic book.

crash a party

Word List: Entertainment

showing up at a party when you were not invited

Can you believe Jami’s friend had the nerve to crash our party last Saturday night?


Word List: Entertainment

moving to the beat of music


Bruce: Would you like to dance?

Sandy: Yes, I'd love to!

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