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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Food & Drink

a la mode

Word List: Food & Drink

a dessert, usually pie, with ice cream on top

My friend always orders his slice of apple pie a la mode.


Word List: Food & Drink

a person who is not in control when drinking alcohol because he/she has alcoholism, which is a disease

My uncle has been an alcoholic for 20 years, but he is now getting help.

cup of Jo

Word List: Food & Drink

another way to say a cup of coffee

 I like to start my day with a cup of Jo.

diet/on a diet

Word List: Food & Drink

eating foods that are good for you (or) trying to lose weight

I’ve been on a diet for about two months now, and I’ve lost seven pounds so far.  


Word List: Food & Drink

any solid or liquid that we put in our mouths to give us physical energy and pleasure

I have to admit that I’m a foodie, and I’m always trying new food dishes.


Word List: Food & Drink

a person who enjoys eating and who enjoys many different kinds of food

My girlfriend’s a real foody!  It's fun to go out with her to all kinds of restaurants.   

fork it down

Word List: Food & Drink

eat really fast

My boyfriend always forks down his food, and I tell him all the time that he should slow it down.  It's not healthy

full (after eating)

Word List: Food & Drink

eating food to a point where there is no more room left in your stomach to eat anymore


Home cook:  Would you like more pasta?  

Guest:  No thanks  Mrs. Smith … the spaghetti was absolutely delish, but I’m so full.

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Word List: Food & Drink

a breakfast dish made of ground-corn (originally by the Native Americans) that is common in the Southeastern part of the United States

Most kids who live in the western part of the US have never tried grits. I had a bowl of grits when I visited Alabama, and it was pretty good.

high tea

Word List: Food & Drink

a mid-afternoon tea-time originating in England that can include cakes, bread, butter, and jam

Recently, I stayed at a hotel in San Francisco that had high tea in the afternoon.  It was so nice!