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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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Word List: House & Home

bath towel

Word List: House & Home

the larger towel used after a shower or a bath

I just bought some really beautiful bath towels.

bathroom (vs. restroom)

Word List: House & Home

the bathroom in your HOME


House Guest:  Can you tell me where your bathroom is please?

Toby:  Sure ... it's through the living room on your left.  

House Guest:  Thanks.                

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domestic engineer

Word List: House & Home

a fun way to say “housewife”

I am proud to be a domestic engineer in my home!


Word List: House & Home

a hand-held, battery-powered light

I keep flashlights in a couple of places inside the house and also one in the garage.  'Ya' never know when you're 'gonna' need one, right?


Word List: House & Home

the area right inside the front door of a home

Lots of people's foyers are decorated with beautiful plants.


Word List: House & Home

short for refrigerator -- a large appliance used to keep food cold

We really need to buy a new fridge.  Ours is getting old and the freezer doesn't work.


Word List: House & Home

a container for dirty clothes that need to be washed

My hamper’s full.  I’d better do the laundry.

hand towel

Word List: House & Home

the smaller towel used to dry your hands

I always have two hand towels in my bathroom.

house vs. home

Word List: House & Home

a ‘house’ is the structure of the building while a ‘home’ is the place where we live

I've created a lovely home, especially my living room where we spend most of our time.  We decorated with beautiful colors and we have comfortable furniture.  I don't want to move out of this house for a very long time.

john/the john

Word List: House & Home

a place where you can go to the bathroom, named after Sir 'John' Harrington who invented the flushing toilet in 1596

Let me hit the john before we head out.