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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Sports


Word List: Sports

winning against an opponent

We beat all but one of the teams in our championship division. Go Tigers!


Word List: Sports

playing without following the rules

Remember... if you're caught cheating, you will be kicked out.


Word List: Sports

a board game that requires strategy and skill, where the winner takes the opponent’s King to win

My brother is a really good chess player and he said he would teach me how to play.

Cinderella team

Word List: Sports

the team that won, even though they were considered to be the underdogs (got its name from the classic story of Cinderella)

It’s really cool when a Cinderella team comes from behind and wins the game.


Word List: Sports

riding a bicycle

On weekends you can see lots of people cycling on trails, along the ocean, and in parks.

eye blacks

Word List: Sports

black grease used under the eyes to help athletes see better on a sunny day and when stadium lights are bright

Football players regularly use eye blacks.


Word List: Sports

people who support teams and/or entertainers

I'm a big soccer fan. Are you?

Hail Mary/Hail Mary pass (from a Christian prayer)

Word List: Sports

a football pass that is made when there is no other choice but to throw the ball in the air hoping that someone will catch it and score

When the team was almost out of time, the quarterback threw a Hail Mary, the receiver caught it, and they won the game!

home run

Word List: Sports

in baseball when the batter hits the ball out of the field, runs the three bases, and then runs home to score

He hit 3 home runs, and we won the game!


Word List: Sports

the ring that goes around a basketball basket

The way to score in basketball is to throw the ball through the hoop.