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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: God

an act of God

Word List: God

an event outside of human control, often associated with natural disasters


Marty:  It’s 'gonna' take an act of God to be able to make our house payment this month.

Sylvia:   In that case, let's pray ...

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for God’s sake/for the love of God

Word List: God

used in negative situations to mean you don’t like something or what someone does

For God’s sake ... will you turn down the TV!  (and)  For the love of God, don’t ask me to repeat myself again, please.

God bless America

Word List: God

a request to God to bless us all

I love seeing all the volunteers at our annual fund-raising event for the poor.  God bless America!

God forbid

Word List: God

a desire for something NOT to happen (with the help of God)

God forbid I lose my job on top of everything else!

God help me/God help us

Word List: God

a call to a higher power to assist you through difficult circumstances

God help me ... I will get through this cancer treatment.

God no/Oh God no/Dear God no

Word List: God

absolutely no!

Oh God no! I don’t ‘wanna’ listen to that song one more time.

God only knows/heaven only knows

Word List: God

said when nobody knows the answer to something (except God)


Rob:  How long do you think it’s ‘gonna’ take him to get here?

Nancy:  God only knows.

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Godsend/a Godsend

Word List: God

a blessing (sent by God)

My best friend showed up when I needed her the most. What a Godsend!


Word List: God

sending good wishes to someone who is going on some kind of journey


Tommy:  I’m flying on an airplane by myself for the first time.  

Arthur:  Have a safe flight.  Godspeed!

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