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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: D-G

-ish (1)

Word List: D-G

a word-ending that means 'close to, but not exact'

Let's meet later today at 5ish.

-ish (2)

Word List: D-G

a word-ending that means 'a little bit like something'

My older sister acts girlish when she puts her hair in pigtails. 

damage control

Word List: D-G

you want someone to help you and make this unfortunate happening not seem so bad


Young boy:  My glass of milk just fell on the floor.  

Brother:  Mom ... damage control!

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Word List: D-G

challenge someone to do something that might be a little crazy


Allen:  I dare you to go over to that redhead and start talking to her like you already know 'er.

Augustine:  You're on!

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Dark Ages

Word List: D-G

a period of time in Western Europe between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance – currently used in a fun way to compare how little the people of that time had or owned, compared to nowadays


Daniel:  This computer is so slow.  

Kartik:  Well back in the dark ages, they didn’t even have computers, right?

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Word List: D-G

money you owe someone or for something

I sure hope that I’ll be out of debt some day soon.


Word List: D-G

later than originally scheduled

My flight is delayed, so I’ll be arriving later than planned.   Can you still pick me up?

dial in

Word List: D-G

you know what’s going on

You’re definitely dialed in. You’re now able to use the newest version.


Word List: D-G

it’s mine – it’s for me

I’ve got dibs on those cookies.  (or)  Dibs!


Word List: D-G

something or someone you like a lot

I really dig listening to jazz.

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