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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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Word List: H-N

at all/not at all

Word List: H-N

having or not having any desire


Cynthia: Why didn't you eat your lunch?  Aren't you hungry? 

Mark: ... not at all.

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can I/may I?

Word List: H-N

asking permission for something

May I ask you a question, please?


Word List: H-N

a flag flown halfway up a ship's mast to signal distress or sorrow

When a ship is in need of help, the flag is flown at half-mast.

hand me

Word List: H-N

a request to give someone an object that is close by

Please hand me my dictionary.


Word List: H-N

close by or useful

It’s handy to have a cloth bag when you go to the market.


Word List: H-N

someone (man or woman) who is good at fixing a lot of little things around the house

When I can’t fix something myself, I call a handyman.

happy camper

Word List: H-N

feeling good when things are going your way

Right now, she’s a happy camper.

happy place

Word List: H-N

anywhere you go, physically or mentally, that makes you feel good and happy

When I'm feeling down, I always have my happy place.


Word List: H-N

strongly dedicated

They are hard-core body builders.

hats off

Word List: H-N

a recognition for doing something great

Hats off to the graduating class of 2015!