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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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1 -- one thing after another

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

one thing happens, and another thing happens, and then another

First, I spilled coffee, and then my boss yelled at me.  After that, a customer complained.  It was one thing after another.                          

1 -- one thing leads to another

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

one thing happens that affects something else to happen

First he took aspirin, and then he tried something stronger. After that, he took meds, and eventually he became addicted to drugs.  One thing leads to another.

1 -- one-track mind

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

only thinking about one thing

My younger brother has a 1-track mind.  All he thinks about is hookin’ up with a blond babe.

1 -- one-up someone

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

do better than another person


Charlotte:  I just got hired in a new position making really good money.

Jennifer:  Well...I’m one-up on you ‘cause I know that the company I’m working for pays more than your company.

Charlotte: We'll see, won't we.

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1 -- plus 1

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

with 1 more person

Jeff wants to take Marylyn to the wedding as his plus 1.

1 -- rolled up into 1

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

all put together as 1 thing

Some people have their cell and home phone bills and their cable and wireless bills all rolled up into 1 account.  It can be easier that way.

1 -- square one/back to square one

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

starting at the beginning


Boss:  There are several changes that need to be made on the design.  

Employee:  Well, it looks to me like we're back to square one.

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1 -- Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3, you’re out!

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

letting people know that they’ve been making big mistakes that could lead to trouble (by counting strikes like in baseball)

You didn’t pay your club dues last month or this month. That’s 2 strikes, and this is your second warning.

1 -- take care of number one

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

take care of yourself first

On airlines, the flight attendant always informs us to put on our oxygen masks first and then help the children.

1 -- take one for the team

Word List: Numbers (1st List)

sacrifice something for the good of the group


George:  Who is that player?  

Pablo:  That’s Andrew, and he just took one for the team. How cool is that!

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