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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Higher A-D


Word List: Higher A-D

unable to pay for things that remain to be payed

Mr. Jones eventually went bankrupt after he lost his job.

bitter sweet

Word List: Higher A-D

something that ends in both a happy and sad way

My boyfriend got a job in New York City, so he’ll be moving there soon. I’m excited for him, but it’s bitter sweet.

body language

Word List: Higher A-D

communicating through one's gestures

I can tell she's not into me by her body language.


Word List: Higher A-D

communicating by radio or television

They were broadcasting the results of the election all day.


Word List: Higher A-D

high excitement over something that usually turns out to be nothing

All that brouhaha over cutting English courses wasn’t even necessary because there was enough money in the budget all along,

cahoots/in cahoots with

Word List: Higher A-D

working with someone in a sneaky way to achieve a common goal

He was in cahoots with his co-worker about the new project because they didn’t want to tell their boss yet.

Carpe Diem

Word List: Higher A-D

Latin for “seize the day” – take advantage of all the opportunities that are there for you each day

I have a small stone in my bedroom that has 'Carpe Diem' painted on it.  When I look at the stone, I'm always reminded of the opportunities that are all around us.


Word List: Higher A-D

devastating things that happen from an earthquake or a tornado to a computer crashing when you’re getting ready for an important presentation or exam

Sadly, there are serious catastrophes occurring around the world on a regular basis.


Word List: Higher A-D

a contradiction of circumstances that makes something unlikely to happen


Anthony:  All the jobs require two years of experience and I just graduated, so how am I supposed to do that?  

Ricky:  Yeah … and sadly, that’s a heck of a catch 22!

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Word List: Higher A-D

a lot of confusion and disorder all at once

There’s so much chaos in this parking structure with everyone trying to leave at the same time.  I hope this concert center makes it easier for everybody in the future, maybe by hiring more parking lot attendants.