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butt dial
when your phone 'accidentally' calls someone

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Word List: Colors

GRAY -- gray area

Word List: Colors

undefined or unclear

Legal documents may have some gray areas, so be sure to read everything carefully.

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GRAY -- gray matter

Word List: Colors

the darker tissue of the brain and spinal cord that includes a major part of the central nervous system

Gray matter got its name because our brain tissue is actually gray in color.

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GREEN -- go green

Word List: Colors

use environmentally friendly products

I chose to go green by purchasing my vegetables from a local farmers market.  They tastes fresher and they're even cheaper.

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GREEN -- green (1)

Word List: Colors

new or fresh

They've only been together for two months, so their relationship is still green.

GREEN -- green (2)

Word List: Colors

the color of American dollars – money

Can you please break this 100 dollar bill for me?  I need 5 (green) twenties, please.

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GREEN -- green card

Word List: Colors

a card that is issued and used to show that someone is a legal resident of the United States

In order to show that you are a legal resident of the United States, you must first have a green card.

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GREEN -- green house

Word List: Colors

a glass building for plants that need protection from the cold weather

A lot of the tomatoes that we buy are grown in green houses, especially in the winter.

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GREEN -- green light

Word List: Colors

the color of the traffic light that means the driver can go

I was lucky when I was driving to your house.  I got all green lights.

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GREEN -- green room

Word List: Colors

one of the sitting rooms on the first floor of the White House

Many US Presidents like to entertain guests in the Green Room.

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GREEN -- Green Screen

Word List: Colors

a green colored screen that is used as a backdrop for images or films in order to insert a different background later

The actress sat in front of a Green Screen, pretending that she was inside a football stadium.

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