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butt dial
when your phone 'accidentally' calls someone

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PINK -- pink slip (at school)

Word List: Colors

a notice from a teacher or administrator that you did something that was against the rules and there could be consequences

OMG!  I can’t believe my teacher gave me a pink slip for texting during class.

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PINK -- pink slip (at work)

Word List: Colors

a notice from your employer that you are being laid off or fired

My boss said I’ve been late too many times, so I have to arrive on time tomorrow.  If I don't, there could be a pink slip waiting for me on my desk.          

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PINK -- rose-colored glasses

Word List: Colors

seeing things in a more optimistic way than they really are

Suzie always looks at the troubles she’s having through rose-colored glasses.

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PURPLE -- Barney, the purple dinosaur

Word List: Colors

a popular kids TV star

Lots of little kids love to watch and sing songs with Barney, the purple dinosaur.

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RED -- American Red Cross

Word List: Colors

a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance in times of disasters

When there is a disaster in the United States, the American Red Cross is called upon to give assistance. Many people donate money to this organization to help all year round.

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RED -- in the red

Word List: Colors

in debt

Some new companies are in the red for their first couple of years, and then they start to have some profits.

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RED -- red light

Word List: Colors

the color of the traffic light that means the driver must stop

If a police officer sees you running a red light, you will definitely get a ticket.  Besides, it's truly dangerous!

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RED -- red tape

Word List: Colors

extensive paperwork that is necessary before any official action is approved

We had to go through a lot of red tape to get the right health benefits for our employees.

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RED -- red-eye flight

Word List: Colors

an airline flight that leaves late at night and arrives early the next morning

I like to take the red-eye because I sleep on the flight, and I can usually save money.

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RED -- right on red

Word List: Colors

after stopping at a red light, it is legal to make a right turn

Not all states in the US had this law in the beginning, but now you can turn right on red everywhere.  Just be cautious.

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