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butt dial
when your phone 'accidentally' calls someone

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SILVER -- silver lining

Word List: Colors

a way of thinking that something good can come out of something bad

Maybe the silver lining in this mess that we are in is that we met some really great people who are willing to help us.

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SILVER -- silver spoons

Word List: Colors

kids and young people that are raised in a family of high status

There is a silver spoon in my class group, and it's nice to know that unlike some of the other silvers spoons I know, she is really down-to-earth and pretty cool.

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WHITE -- great whites

Word List: Colors

great white sharks

Sometimes great whites can be seen in the ocean off the coast of Southern California.  It's a beautiful site!

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WHITE -- tighty-whities

Word List: Colors

a popular style of men’s underwear, usually white, that fits close to the body

Do you prefer tighty-whities or boxers?

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WHITE -- white Christmas

Word List: Colors

snow on Christmas day

Around the holidays, I love listening to the 1942 song that is sung by Bing Crosby with the words,“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas."  It's very beautiful.

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WHITE -- White House (the White House)

Word List: Colors

the home of the President of the United States and his family in Washington, DC.

It’s a real honor when someone gets invited to an event in the White House.

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WHITE -- white knight

Word List: Colors

someone (usually a man) who comes to the rescue

My brother is my white knight.  Whenever something bad is happening in my life, he helps me take care of it.

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WHITE -- white lie

Word List: Colors

a little lie

I had to tell Christopher a white lie and say that we needed to meet at my house instead of the coffee shop. That way he would be walkin' into his surprise birthday party.

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WHITE -- white-collar worker

Word List: Colors

a person who works as a professional, usually in an office, who doesn’t where a uniform or perform manual labor

After I graduate, I’m looking forward to applying for a white-collar job in my field.

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