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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Higher J-N


Word List: Higher J-N

vocabulary that one is not familiar or comfortable with

It’s hard to understand a doctor’s or a lawyer’s lingo.


Word List: Higher J-N

what you say is what you mean, word for word

When our teacher says that she’s going to give us a ton of homework, we know we don’t have to take her literally.


Word List: Higher J-N

when something is not working the way it should

My laptop is malfunctioning and I just can’t fix it, so I’m taking it in for repair.


Word List: Higher J-N


It is mandatory to get a parking sticker to park on campus.

mea culpa

Word List: Higher J-N

Latin for “through my fault” -- my mistake

Mea culpa!  You’re not the person I thought you were.  Sorry!


Word List: Higher J-N

being so overwhelmed that you can’t function

Nancy nearly had a meltdown at the end of her first university term.  Dealing with all the stress of reading and research assignments can be really difficult.

memo (for fun)

Word List: Higher J-N

important information sent out to everyone -- said as a joke (there really wan't a memo) (used in any situation – not just business)

Look at that ... Nancy obviously didn’t get the memo.  We're all wearing jeans, and she's wearing a dress. (ha ha)

mixed emotions

Word List: Higher J-N

having conflicting feelings about something or someone

I have mixed emotions about whether I should go to college in America or stay here in my country.

monkey wrench

Word List: Higher J-N

an unexpected change

We thought that the plans were finished, but then the architect threw in a monkey wrench. The client wanted to add a new room.


Word List: Higher J-N

something that could be talked about or debated even more

We’ve been talking about the different theories of global warming, but it’s a moot point.