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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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come from money

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

growing up in a family that has a lot of money

She must have come from money to be able to buy so many nice things without having a job.

connect the dots

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

put it all together


Chad: I don't know why she keeps refusing to go out with me.

Tyler: Connect the dots, you fool! She doesn't want to be with you.

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cough it up

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

giving something that you don't especially want to give


Suzy: Hey George... you haven't contributed to the pizza party. Cough it up.

George: Fine. Here's $10.

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crunch the numbers

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

adding up the numbers to see what the total is

Before we decide to take that trip to Europe, we need to crunch the numbers to make sure that we have enough money for everything we want to do.

cut it out/cut the crap (NSN)

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

stop it; don't do what you are doing right now

Cut it out you guys!  It's not right to be talking about your friend like that.

dare I say

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

taking a chance to say what I really think

Dare I say … it’s not what I would choose to do.  (or) Dare I say … he was the best publisher in journalism.

Dear John Letter (or nowadays through social media)

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

a less common way (started many years ago) to end a relationship

I’m crushed 'cause I just got a ‘Dear John’ message, and I really thought she loved me.

do a number

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

when someone does something that is not very nice


Henry:  Did you see what she just did?

Tony:  I know.  She really did a number on you!  

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do your (own) thing

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

doing what you like to do


Ryan:  What are you up to today?  

Silvia:  I’m just doin’ my thing.   And you?

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dodge the bullet

Word List: Short Sayings A-D

you see something bad coming your way, and you do what you need to do to avoid it

You’re so lucky that you dodged the bullet when the boss yelled at everybody in the room, and you had already left the meeting.