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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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make fun of

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

laughing at someone when it’s not the right thing to do

The kids are always making fun of the way I run. It makes me really sad.

make my day! (spoken by Clint Eastwood in the movie Dirty Harry)

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

keep doing what you are doing so I have an excuse to get angry and take you down


Student 1:  I'm 'gonna' report you to the principal!

Student 2:  Go ahead ... Make my day!

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miss a beat

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

the entire process

She didn’t miss a beat.

mum's the word

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

don’t say anything about it

Remember ... it’s a surprise party, so mum’s the word!

never say never

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

a saying to remind us to be more positive


Charlotte:  I didn’t ever think I would pass the test and get my driver license on the first attempt.  

Henry:  Never say never, right?        

nickel and diming

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

constantly costing a person small amounts of money

It’s time to get a new car when it starts nickel and diming you.

night and day

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

different in almost opposite ways

My brother likes sports and I don't.  I like to read and he doesn't. We are as different as night and day!

no strings attached

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

it is what it is and nothing that is unexpected

The car purchase deal that the auto company offered us came with no strings attached.

not only that ...

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

I have more to say …


Worker:  Mary’s been late for our meetings a couple of times now.  

Co-worker:  Not only that ... She just doesn’t seem to care about what we're working on.    

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not too shabby

Word List: Short Sayings L-P

something that looks pretty good or is cool

Your new car is not too shabby.  Let’s take a ride!