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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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oh yeah

Word List: Yes

Are you sure he's the best guy we can get to play on our team?

as far as I know, definitely, I should say, I’m positive, it's worth a shot, no doubt, oh yeah, Yes.. that's about it, Yes.. pretty much, pretty sure, yes.. very, you have my word, yup

sounds good

Word List: Yes

Would you like a drink?

aye, don’t mind if I do, for sure, I believe I will, I do, sounds good, sure thing, yep, yes I would, yes please


Word List: Yes

Shall we try out the food at that new restaurant?

fine and dandy, I'm down, I'm down with it, I'm game, I'm in, I’m there, Let's go for it, might as well, OK, roger that, say no more, sure, sure (held), sure thing, that’s fine with me, uh right, very well

that sounds great

Word List: Yes

Let’s play basketball.

awesome, bring it!, can't wait, great!, let’s do it, let’s go, that sounds great, there 'ya' go!, you’re on


Word List: Yes

Wasn’t that the best milkshake you’ve ever tasted?

agreed, believe you me, don't I know it, good stuff, God yes, it sure was, no doubt about it, positively, uh-huh, wasn't it?, yes I know

why not

Word List: Yes

Do you ‘wanna’ know what happened?

but of course, by all means, fair enough, no ma'am, please, very much so, why not, yes sir, you bet


Word List: Yes



Boss:  Let me hear a 'yay' if you'd like to get some pizzas.  (7 employees say 'yay')  Any 'nays'?  (4 say 'nay')  

Boss:  The 'yays' have it.  Pizza it is!

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Word List: Yes

Do you mind if I smoke?

big time, I sure do, without a doubt, yep, yes (I mind), yes I do

yes I did

Word List: Yes

Did you know that Francis is dating a new guy?

duly noted (now I know), I know, I sure did, right, there you go again, yeah yeah yeah, yeppers, yes I did, yes I heard, yes I know

yes indeed

Word List: Yes

Are you doing your homework?

correctamundo, don't you know it, indeed, that's correct, that’s right, uh huh, uh.. yeah, yeah, yep, yes indeed, you better believe it, yup