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Thanksgiving Toast
one of many toasts (holding up wine glasses) given before eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal in late November to express gratitude for your food, family, and friends

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7 -- 7-year itch (seven)

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

at around 7 years of marriage a small number of married persons might consider having a relationship outside of the marriage; for this reason, 7 year couples are sometimes teased about this possibility

Hey buddy.  It appears that you guys are goin' thru the 7-year itch. Yeah, but it’s not a big problem because we’re pretty solid. 

8 -- 8-ball (eight)

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

one of the games of pool where you will lose it you pocket the 8-ball before pocketing all the other balls

Pretty much every time we play pool, we play 8-ball.  I guess you could say it’s our favorite.

8 -- figure 8

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

when something visually looks like the number 8

Ice skaters like to include figure eights in their routines.

9 -- 9 lives

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

a myth that cats have 9 lives

I love my cats and it’s nice to think that they have 9 lives.

9 -- 90210

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

Beverly Hills, California, zip code

I would love to have a house and live in a 90210 neighborhood. Wouldn't you?

9 -- 90’s (80’s, 70’s, etc.)

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

a period of 10 years – a decade

The Internet was created by Tim Berners-Lee in the early 90’s.

9 -- 911

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

a number to call only when there is a life or death emergency

Call 911 !! -- Jimmy's choking on a chicken bone!

9 -- cloud 9

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

floating high in happiness

Her boyfriend just proposed, and she’s on cloud 9!

9 -- nine yards/the whole nine yards)

Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

giving everything and all of one's energy

A lot of our church members came out in full force and gave the whole nine yards by helping us build the new church.


Word List: Numbers (2nd List)

a very large made-up number sometimes used when exaggerating things

I can give you a bazillion reasons for not dating that guy.