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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Clothes & Styles

a female (or male) who stands out in a crowd because of her/his beauty, along with a fashionable and tasteful clothing style

The model who is rockin’ that new designer dress is a stunner!


Word List: Clothes & Styles

loose-fitting, casual, comfortable sweatpants that are usually made of cotton

I wear my sweats when I exercise and when I just want to relax. 


Word List: Clothes & Styles

a type of underwear that doesn’t cover the butt

I always wear thongs under my leggings.


Word List: Clothes & Styles

informal word for clothes

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tight (2)

Word List: Clothes & Styles

stretched snugly over something, hard to move, not loose

Come to the mall with me ...  My ex-boyfriend is 'gonna' be at the party tomorrow, and I 'wanna' buy a pair of tight jeans to wear so he can see what he's missing!

wardrobe malfunction

Word List: Clothes & Styles

when an article of clothing accidentally comes apart by a tear, rip, etc., in a personal part of your body that you do not want others to see

A wardrobe malfunction can be very embarrassing.

whale tail

Word List: Clothes & Styles

the back part of a thong that others can see sometimes when a girl is sitting

I saw a whale tail when I was sitting at the park the other day. Pretty sweet!