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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Entertainment

nosebleed section

Word List: Entertainment

a fun way of saying that your seats are in the cheapest, highest area of the theater, auditorium, or stadium where it feels like your nose might bleed because of the high altitude

The only tickets left were in the nosebleed section.  Darn it!

party (par tay)

Word List: Entertainment

having a good time with a lot of friends

Let’s 'par tay'!

party on

Word List: Entertainment

continue to have fun in whatever you are doing


Betsy:  We’re really into this new game.

Ralph:  Well then, party on!

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party/a party (1)

Word List: Entertainment

where a gathering of people, who mostly know each other, get together to celebrate a special occasion or just to have fun

Were you invited to Mitchell’s birthday party?  I hope so ‘cause then we can go together.

People's Choice Awards

Word List: Entertainment

an annual awards ceremony where the general public (not actors) vote for their favorites in movies, music, and television

I’m so happy.  Lots of my predictions for the People’s Choice Awards won!


Word List: Entertainment

entertaining others with music, dancing, singing, and more

The performance by the street dancers was awesome!


Word List: Entertainment

an award given yearly for the worst films and performances by actors


Kimberley:  Which movies do you think will get a Razzie this year?  

Bruce:  I really don't know.  There were so many bad ones!

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Reality TV

Word List: Entertainment

a popular kind of TV show where supposedly everything in the show is about someone's real life

Not everyone likes watching reality TV.  Sometimes it seems kinda phony.

Red Carpet/the Red Carpet

Word List: Entertainment

the red carpet that is laid down for famous people to walk on as they are entering award shows

I love looking at all the designer dresses that the celebrities are wearing as they walk down the Red Carpet.

skinny dip

Word List: Entertainment

being in a lake, ocean, pool, or river -- naked

I only went skinny dippin’ once, and it was with a bunch of girls.  It was pretty funny!