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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Food & Drink

jam, jelly, and preserves

Word List: Food & Drink

toppings made from fruit, some sugar, and pectin (used to 'set' the ingredients)

I like to put strawberry jam on my toast.  It's yummy!


Word List: Food & Drink

food that you don’t finish eating, so you save it to eat for the next day


Son:  What’s for dinner, Mom?  

Mom:  We’re having leftovers tonight, sweetie.

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mac & cheese

Word List: Food & Drink

macaroni and cheese – a popular food dish usually eaten at lunch or dinner

I love eating mac and cheese on a cold winter day.


Word List: Food & Drink

a complete breakfast or lunch or dinner

I typically have three meals a day, with a small snack between the meals.


Word List: Food & Drink

snacking on foods like potato chips, peanuts, or popcorn, often chewing where others can hear you

I could barely understand her because she was munching on some chips.


Word List: Food & Drink

a strong desire to eat some tasty food like potato chips or sweets

I’ve got the munchies for some chocolate chip cookies.  Got any?


Word List: Food & Drink

a natural food without chemicals

I prefer eating organic food unlike many of my friends.

picky eater

Word List: Food & Drink

someone who will only eat certain foods that s/he likes (not many)

Children can be very picky eaters, don't ya think?

protein bars

Word List: Food & Drink

a healthy 'food bar' that contains various levels of protein

I prefer eating a protein bar over chips.  I'm pretty disciplined when it comes to my health.

soft-boiled egg

Word List: Food & Drink

a type of egg that has creamy yolk, and firm egg-white

I love soft-boiled eggs in the morning.