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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: House & Home

junk mail

Word List: House & Home

mail and/or email that is useless and not requested

I keep requesting that they stop my junk mail, but I continue to get it. It's irritating.


Word List: House & Home

the brand name that people often use for the word 'tissue'

Do you have any kleenex?  I have a little bit of a cold.


Word List: House & Home

magazines – booklets usually printed monthly that can be sent to your house or bought in a store

I have too many mags, so I’m ‘gonna’ cancel some of my subscriptions and stop buying them when I shop at the market.


Word List: House & Home

a small paper or cloth used to wipe your mouth after eating and usually put on your lap in formal restaurants

When we go out to eat, my mom always makes me put my napkin on my lap.


Word List: House & Home

the community and the whole area around your home that is generally within walking distance

I like to walk around my neighborhood for exercise.


Word List: House & Home

the people who live next door or close to your home

We have really great neighbors!  If we need help with something, we often ask our neighbors first.

paper plate

Word List: House & Home

plates that you eat off of and then throw away

We're running out of paper plates. Can you go to the store and buy some more?

paper towels

Word List: House & Home

a larger-sized paper (replacing cloth towels) used to clean up messes of food and liquids and then thown away

Bring me a paper towel, please.  I just spilled my drink on the floor.

powder room

Word List: House & Home

a small bathroom in a home, primarily for guests, that only has a sink and a toilet (or) sometimes used for a nice, public ladies’ room

Can you tell me where the powder room is, please?