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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: House & Home

rent (1)

Word List: House & Home

staying or living in a place that you don't own -- a house, apartment, etc.

I'm renting a 2-bedroom apartment right now. It works out well ‘cause it’s close to my job.

rent (2)

Word List: House & Home

the amount of money someone pays for where they live if they do not own it

My two roommates and I all split the rent.


Word List: House & Home

a person who pays rent for a place to live

Someday I hope to be an owner and not a renter.

spring cleaning

Word List: House & Home

a time during the spring season when many people thoroughly clean their homes

I always feel really good after we finish our spring cleaning.


Word List: House & Home

soft paper intended to be used to blow your nose or used in other ways, too

I used up all my tissues because I had a bad cold.

toilet paper

Word List: House & Home

the paper used in bathrooms and restrooms to wipe your private parts

We’re almost out of toilet paper, so be sure to put it on the shopping list.


Word List: House & Home

a partly enclosed, outside area of a house that usually has a roof

I love eating breakfast on the veranda.

washcloth (or facecloth)

Word List: House & Home

a small cloth used primarily to wash your face

I like to wash my face with a washcloth.

washrag (or dishrag/dishcloth)

Word List: House & Home

a small cloth used to wash dishes and to clean things in the kitchen area

This washrag is dirty.  I need a clean one to wash the dishes.