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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Technology


Word List: Technology

someone who illegally breaks through a security system and is able to access another’s computer information or electronic device for negative purposes

Recently, many of our clients’ information and data were stolen by hackers.

handle (2)

Word List: Technology

your screen name in place of your real name that is used in online forums or chat rooms, etc.

When you create your handle, make it short and easy to remember.

hard copy

Word List: Technology

printed information that originated from a computer

By our next class, all students must submit the hard copies of their essays.

hashtag (on social-networking websites like Twitter)

Word List: Technology

a word or phrase beginning with a hash mark (#) that is used within a message to identify a handle or to picture interest so that others can find the original source and follow the responses

I lost track of Mark’s comments about Climate Change.  Do you know the hashtag?


Word List: Technology

places where you can access the Internet using a Wi-Fi network commonly found in public areas

I need to find a hotspot so that I can submit my paper to my professor. 

IM (Instant Messaging)

Word List: Technology

a kind of online chat between two parties in real time

I used to use IM, but now I mostly use Social Media, especially Twitter.


Word List: Technology

where you receive your email

My inbox is full, I need to reply all the messages right away.


Word List: Technology

a photo or video sharing through social networks that upload instantly with electronic devices

Private pictures are probably not appropriate to upload to Instagram because there could be negative feedback.


Word List: Technology

an operating system created by Apple Inc. that runs in a cell phone

My tech guy tells me that it is best not to update my iOS software too soon after a new version is released because it might result in some problems.

link (1)

Word List: Technology

what connects two sources together

I’m sending you a link to the website we talked about, so check it out!