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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: Technology

link (2)

Word List: Technology

an address that can be used to connect to other websites or social media

Follow my link to see my personal portfolio.


Word List: Technology

an electronic unit of digital information

Nowadays most all flash drive storage capacity is listed in gigabytes instead of megabytes.

phone tag/telephone tag

Word List: Technology

you miss someone's call, you return the call, that person misses your call and tries to call you back, you miss that call, so you call again, etc.

After playing phone tag for a couple of hours, we finally connected.

Photoshop (-ed)

Word List: Technology

a program created by Adobe to improve picture quality, modify photos, or create special effects for commercial purposes

This picture looks like it must have been photo-shopped.

poke (primarily in Facebook)

Word List: Technology

a fun or a useful way of 'tapping' someone letting them know that you are thinking of them or that you are online and available

My friend is driving me crazy because she’s always pokin' me.


Word List: Technology

named from the first six letters of the top row on an English-language computer keyboard


Sheldon:  Hey ... Do you know what QWERTY means?

Mario:  I didn’t before, but my friend recently showed me on a keyboard.

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social media

Word List: Technology

where people communicate in cyberspace

People use social media for a variety of reasons, including chatting, sharing, and publishing.

streaming (live)

Word List: Technology

live broadcasting videos available on the Internet throughout the world

I'm 'gonna' go home because there's an online gaming tournament streaming live right now, and I don’t 'wanna' miss it!


Word List: Technology

checking things out on the Internet

I surf the Internet every chance I get.

tech savvy

Word List: Technology

very knowledgeable in technology

My history instructor seems to be pretty tech savvy, which makes the lecture more interesting.