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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: A-C

crazy about

Word List: A-C

liking someone or something a whole lot and sometimes do 'stupid' things as a result

I’m really crazy about my new girlfriend!


Word List: A-C

any animal that isn't human

Creatures come in all forms. Some are nice and cuddly and others can be frightening. 


Word List: A-C

a person who you think is weird or strange

He’s such a creep that I don't even want to be around him.


Word List: A-C

weird or strange

That was a creepy movie.


Word List: A-C

a group of people in a gang

I have ten guys in my crew.

cross reference

Word List: A-C

related information or words

In the website easyeverydayenglish.com, there are cross references on several words that will help you navigate.


Word List: A-C



Caroline:  My friend is a little cuckoo.  She thinks she looks good when she dances, but she's really bad.

Matthew:  Well at least she's having fun, right?

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Word List: A-C

sit or lie closely to someone you care about resulting in a warm feeling

I love to cuddle with my boyfriend!


Word List: A-C

something that draws one's attention

I'm curious about why Kathi wanted us to go to Joe's house.

cutting edge

Word List: A-C

something that is new, innovative, and in the now

Apple is always coming out with cutting edge technology!