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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: A-C

leaving for no apparent reason while others are depending on you


Shirley:  Unfortunately Tim bailed, and he left us alone to do all the work by ourselves.

Robert:  No way ... That's totally messed up.

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Word List: A-C

high-end and flashy

That 'baller' sure has expensive taste! He's always wearing the latest shoes like Jordan's and Gucci. 


Word List: A-C

to go crazy

He went ballistic when he found out they stole his car.

ballpark figure

Word List: A-C

an estimate; an approximate price


George:  Give me a ballpark figure for your used car.  It's 'kinda' old.

Ray:  OK ... how about $2,000?

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bang-up job

Word List: A-C

doing really great work

He did a bang-up job on his presentation.


Word List: A-C

buying things at a super-good price

A lot of stores have great bargains on Black Friday.

bear hug

Word List: A-C

a strong hug, done with much love, using both arms all the way around the person

My dad loves to give me bear hugs that almost take my breath away.


Word List: A-C

accepting something as being true

I believe he is telling us the truth about what happened last night.


Word List: A-C

short for best friends

Carol and I have been besties for a long time.

big brother

Word List: A-C

a name used to refer to the U.S. government

Big Brother is watching everyone in a variety of ways.