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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: D-G


Word List: D-G

someone who acts strange or silly

Stop doing that!  You're so dorky.


Word List: D-G

someone who is easy to understand and comfortable to be around

Our new neighbors are so down-to-earth.  It's really nice.


Word List: D-G

not looking forward to doing something

Shucks. Spring Break is over, and I dread having to go back to school!

dream on

Word List: D-G

not being realistic about what you want

Hey John. You think you’re gonna get the new iPhone, right? Well, dream on! I don't think your mom will get it for you until you’re at least 16.

dud (1)

Word List: D-G

something that doesn’t work or isn't fun

That online game is a dud.     

dud (2)

Word List: D-G

someone who is boring

She’s a dud, and she’s no fun to be with.

dumb (1)

Word List: D-G

not very smart

You really shouldn’t say he’s dumb.  That's not very nice ...

dumb (2)

Word List: D-G

something that is kind of stupid

He told us a really dumb joke.


Word List: D-G

end a relationship in a not-so-nice way

My boyfriend dumped me for another girl!  I can't believe it!


Word List: D-G

a relationship that is online electronically

Having this elationship is so much fun!