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20 -- 20/20 hindsight
having a better understanding of the way something should have been done after it has already occurred

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Word List: O-S


Word List: O-S

doing way more than you need to do

She really went overboard when buying the decorations for the graduation event.


Word List: O-S

extra joy – extremely happy about something

Suzy is overjoyed!  She just found out that she's 'gonna' have a new baby brother.


Word List: O-S

return a favor

You owe me, dude!  I saved your butt when your girlfriend asked me where you were last night.

own it

Word List: O-S

be proud of and really good at what you are doing

You definitely own it!  You're doin' a fantastic job of singing that song.

own up

Word List: O-S

take responsibility for what you did or said

You know that what happened is your fault; now just own up to it!

pace yourself

Word List: O-S

slow it down and break it up into smaller periods of time

Pace yourself!  You don’t need to get all this done in one day.


Word List: O-S

having a lot of issues

He’s packin' a 'lotta' problems from his first relationship. It didn't go too well.


Word List: O-S

full to the maximum

The room was packed.  We couldn’t even get in!


Word List: O-S

another way to refer to your home

My pad’s a little messy, but please come in.

party animal

Word List: O-S

someone who loves to go to parties

Jeff is a party animal.  He hears the word “party,” and he’s ready 'ta go'.